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Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures
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Private Photo & Lightroom Workshops

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We always encourage people to join us for one of our regularly-scheduled workshops, not only to save money but to take advantage of the camaraderie and input of fellow participants. That said, because of time constraints or personal needs, a private workshops is the better bet for some people.

Each private workshop is tailored to the wants and needs of the individual, making sure that each person goes home with the tools needed to continue to grow as a photographer.

The workshops are two or three days long, with two being the minimum. We usually do not advise three, as we give out so much information that it takes a while to assimilate it all.

The fee depends upon the numbers of people in the workshop, the location (the Outer Banks is the least expensive, since it is in our own back yard), and other factors. That said, the minimum fee per day is $1,450 for up to two people, or $2,900 for the minimum of two days. With that, you get two, dedicated instructors, Margo and Arnie! And you will go home with two creatures sitting on each shoulder, spouting mantras you have heard during your time with us!

If you want a special, private workshop for more people, contact Margo and Arnie to discuss the possibilities.

Additional costs, transportation to/from the workshop, room and meals, is your responsibility, just as it is with our regularly-scheduled workshops. Wherever possible, however, we negotiate discounts for your accommodations to save you money.

While you must get to the location, once there, you ride with Arnie and Margo, as there is a lot of discussion about photography, philosophy, and history in the car on the way to and from locations. It also affords the chance to ask questions and get answers.

We have daily processing of images along with critiques and help in making your images sing.

To sign up, contact Margo and Arnie first to make sure we can find a mutually agreeable time.

Lightroom Workshops

Lightroom keeps improving, and with each upgrade come new tools.

Many people want to get up to speed more quickly than they might be able to do on their own. Many are already familiar with Lightroom. Some have switched from other programs because of the ever-increasing sophistication of this program. Whatever your reason for using Lightroom, it always helps to get a leg up, to learn the ins and outs of the digital asset managment — also known as "DAM" — aspects of this program, as well as to discover different ways to accomplish various imaging tasks.

We try to run at least one regularly-scheduled LR workshop a year. Check the Calendar or the Lightroom Workshops pages for the current one(s). You will also find information for accommodations on the Lightroom page.

Sometimes, however, that schedule does not work for people, and in those cases, we run private workshops. The fee for those is $800 for a full day and $500 for a half day.

Topics covered will include but are not limited to:
  • Suggested program preferences;
  • The various revised and new modules and panels and what they do;
  • The powerful organizational capabilities of Lightroom;
  • Assorted tools and presets, including ©, file renaming, & Margo's Tweaks;
  • Templates; and
  • Working in programs with plug-ins such as Silver Efex Pro (for black-and-white conversions), AutoPanoPro (for panoramas), and Photoshop (for other tasks - stitching panos, Digimarcs, and Content Aware Fill, among others).
You will receive a packet on Lightroom that will help you move forward with this program and remind you of all the things you learned in this workshop.

To sign up, contact Margo and Arnie first to make that what we offer meets your needs and to find a mutually agreeable time to schedule a private session.

© 2008 Margo Taussig Pinkerton. All Rights Reserved. Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures workshops no smoking

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